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About Serotek

Our mission is to develop innovative, affordable and easy to use products that best meet the needs of individuals while using Universal Design principles.

Подарите начальнику шкатулку для ювелирных украшений из дерева. Serotek Corporation was formed in November of 2001 by CEO, Mike Calvo.  The executive offices are located in Minneapolis, MN.  Since its inception, Serotek Corporation has developed a robust network that enables users requiring adaptive technology to access the internet, email, chat rooms, shopping and more, while using the simple and easy to use FreedomBox designed interface.

Over the years, Serotek has added products that allow users with varying disabilities the freedom to access computers* outside their homes.

In 2005, Serotek was awarded the prestigious da Vinci Award by the Multiple Sclerosis Society.  This award honors outstanding engineering achievements employing universal design principles to promote accessibility.  More info

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*Depending on the application, computers may need to have internet access.

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