FreedomBox 2.2 Released

Minneapolis -- Serotek Corporation announces the immediate availability of Release 2.2 of its powerful FreedomBox software suite. Already the most powerful portable accessible browsing and screen reading tools available, the company announced a long list of feature enhancements and expanded capability, available at no charge. Release 2.2 is platform independent and runs on both Windows and Linux machines. "What this release is about," said Mike Calvo, Serotek CEO, "is bringing more power to the people. We've made computing a whole lot simpler and given people the tools they want and need to make the computer and the Internet work for them."

Here's a partial list of updates, upgrades, and new feature enhancements available with Version 2.2.

1. Burn your own CD's like a professional. Version 2.2 gives you radio mix technology allowing you to cross-fade music, eliminating space between songs and creating a smooth sound. Or, b
urn your own PassKey using official FreedomBox PassKey blanks. Keep your PassKey current, create a new one, if you lose your Key. You never have to be without your FreedomBox again.

2. Rip the songs you want from your digital library or other sources. Release 2.2 has CDDB support and automatically zips to the Internet and snags track names for your favorite songs from the master online database of CD titles. The updated Media Library automatically consolidates your music from any part of your computer.

3. Scan documents using FreedomScan. Current FreedomScan users are upgraded automatically at no charge; users interested in acquiring this capability can purchase it complete with scanner for $199 or, if you own a TWAIN compliant scanner, just $120 for the powerful Portable FreedomScan scanning and optical character recognition software for Windows only. Yes it works on the Key! So use any public scanner.

4. Web share. Release 2.2 gives you the tools to create your own personal web page, sharing pictures, preferences and other information with family, friends, and the world without having to know a thing about writing a website!

5. Read news feeds using RSS. Using RSS technology you can create your own customized dynamic newspaper and post it to your Web site, linking all the key news sources you trust.

6. Blog
on your Web site using the only blogging engine that allows you and your correspondents to add their comments in text or audio. Create your
own Podcast, burn it to CD, upload it to your Web site. You can be a one-person Talk Radio program.

7. Post pictures and other files to your Web site, eBay, or any other interactive Web site that supports uploading.

8. Link to your home machine when you are on the road and to your other network machines when you are at home, transferring files back and forth. Release 2.2 expands your personal network, making it as big as the Internet.

9. Mark your place in any audio content located on the FreedomBox Network, including described movies.

More and still more. Release 2.2 not only runs on Linux and Windows XP; it's compatible with Windows 98 SE and Millennium Edition. If you thought you needed a few more Preferences, Release 2.2 gives you many, many more, arranged in convenient sections. You get more e-mail functions, better HomeServer reliability, and yes, we fixed those annoying things you didn't like with 2.0. The updated help system will take you through the options quickly and easily.

Release 2.2 with System Access, FreedomScan, and the more powerful Mozilla browser   is a fully accessible suite that gives you your full computing and access capability wherever you go. The entire suite can be loaded on your PassKey (or Key to Freedom) allowing you to turn any computer into a fully accessible FreedomBox within seconds. Visit to download a free trial or to locate your local FreedomBox dealer or Value Added Reseller. You may also call us toll-free in the United States at (866) 202-0520, or in the United Kingdom at 08717224574.

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