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Serotek Announces Expanded

Microsoft Office Support in System Access


Accessibility Anywhere Extends to Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and Office 2007


Los Angeles, Calif. - March 21, 2007 - Serotek Corporation, the leading provider of Internet and digital information accessibility software and services, today announced significantly expanded support for Microsoft Office in its System Access product, including the ability to create Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations as well as compatibility with Office 2007. The announcement was made at the CSUN Technology & Persons with Disabilities conference taking place this week in Los Angeles.

System Access makes it easier than ever to create, browse, and edit spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel. Users can easily query row and column headings, jump to cells with data, follow hyperlinks, have System Access speak totals automatically when they change, set up monitor regions to speak automatically when they change, and even create and view Excel charts. When a user customizes the way System Access works with an Excel document, the document-specific settings are stored in the user's personal profile on the FreedomBox Network, so they travel with the user from one computer to another.

Creating, editing, and delivering PowerPoint presentations is also easier. System Access introduces very few new keystrokes to the process so users can focus on the presentation rather than on driving a screen reader. While delivering the presentation, the user can listen to any notes that were entered while creating the slides, even though these notes are not visible to viewers. With a U3 smart drive, a blind presenter can walk up to any Windows XP or Vista PC with Office installed, insert the flash driver, and be ready to give the presentation in just a few minutes. System Access's PowerPoint support further levels the playing field for blind instructors, marketers, managers, and other communicators who wish to be competitive in today's highly visual world.

In addition to these new features, System Access now also works seamlessly with Office 2007. The Ribbon, which replaces the menu bar in Office 2007, is fully accessible. With System Access, blind consumers need not hesitate to switch to the newest version of Office, and blind professionals will not be left behind as organizations upgrade.

"With our expanded Office support, we continue to provide screen-reader-like functionality without the drawbacks of a conventional screen reader," said Mike Calvo, CEO , Serotek Corporation. "Our emphasis on automatic access cuts training costs, and all of these new features are available on-the-go with a U3 smart drive. It's truly accessibility anywhere."

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Serotek Corporation is a leading technology company that develops software and manufactures accessibility solutions for visually impaired and physically disabled users. Committed to the mission of providing accessibility anywhere , Serotek launched the FreedomBox family of products and services and the FreedomBox Network, an online community specifically designed to meet the needs of people with disabilities, in 2002. Since then they have released a host of other powerful, affordable technology solutions for career and personal use that require minimal training. In 2005 the company was awarded the prestigious da Vinci award for innovation in universal accessibility by the National Multiple Sclerosis Association. For more information visit


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