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Las Vegas , Nev. – January 11, 2007 – Serotek Corporation, the leading provider of Internet and digital information accessibility software and systems, today announced that its entire product line, including FreedomBox and Key to Freedom with System Access software, is now integrated with Microsoft Windows Vista and available for download. The announcement was made at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), an invitation-only technology trade event taking place this week in Las Vegas .

This is not a beta; any current FreedomBox user or anyone with Vista can download the software from the company's web site .

Blind and visually impaired Information Technology managers who are testing Vista for their organizations can now use Serotek's Key to Freedom to conduct the testing. Key to Freedom features Fonix DECtalk text-to-speech (TTS). Fonix DECtalk “speaks” screen content to the user in clear, understandable TTS voices in multiple languages.

“Accessibility is not an option, it's a commitment,” said Daniel Hubbell, Technical Evangelist, Microsoft Corporation, “With the release of Windows Vista compatible products, Serotek continues to make the computer accessible for users of all abilities. And with the integration of media support, these products will help set a new baseline for the industry as a whole.”

As part of its ‘Vista-ready' rollout, Serotek will be working with Windows Media Player11 and the new URGE online music store. This allows the blind and visually impaired to use portable MP3 Players to participate in the legal downloading of online music for the first time without buying customized computer scripts.

Serotek products also work with Windows Vista Media Center and the new Aero Glass interface for electronic mail, right out of the box, without requiring settings changes or software installations required by other screen readers.

“When we say we work with Vista, we mean across the board – remote control and all,” said Mike Calvo, CEO, Serotek Corporation, “so the blind can use the electronic program guide on cable television and record programs just like the mainstream using Windows Media Center .”


Serotek Corporation

Serotek Corporation, based in Minneapolis , Minnesota , is a leading technology company that develops software and manufactures accessibility solutions under the brand name FreedomBox. Committed to the mission of providing accessibility anywhere , Serotek launched the FreedomBox family of products and services and the FreedomBox Network, an online community specifically designed to meet the needs of people with disabilities. Serotek provides powerful, affordable solutions that require minimal training. In 2005 the company was awarded the prestigious da Vinci award for innovation in universal accessibility by the National Multiple Sclerosis Association.

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Fonix Corporation

Fonix Corporation (OTC BB: FNIX), based in Salt Lake City, Utah, is an innovative speech recognition and text-to-speech technology company that provides value-added speech solutions through its wholly owned subsidiary, Fonix Speech, Inc., currently offering voice solutions for mobile/wireless devices; interactive video games, toys and appliances; computer telephony systems; the assistive market and automotive telematics. Fonix provides developers and manufacturers with cost-effective speech solutions to enhance devices and systems. Visit for more information, or call (801) 553-6600 and say “Sales.” Fonix DECtalk text-to-speech technology has been developed and refined over the past 20 years and is specifically designed for limited memory applications. Fonix DECtalk is the smallest footprint, full-featured, multi-language text-to-speech engine in the industry. DECtalk supports the widest array of hardware platforms and operating systems on the market and offers nine voices (four female, four male and one child's voice) and seven languages ( U.S. and U.K. English, Castilian and Latin American Spanish, French, German and Italian).

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