FreedomBox System Access 2.0 is Naturally Accessible

Serotek Corporation, the Accessibility Anywhere people, just lowered the bar for users while raising the bar for adaptive technology vendors. Now anyone can have full accessibility to computer applications for work or pleasure without enduring hours of torture, or the need to learn arcane scripts and esoteric procedures. FreedomBox System Access 2.0 introduces natural accessibility that frees the full power of your applications. With this release you get:

  • Inherent stability
  • Full Windows support including Windows 98 SE and Millennium, Windows 2000, and Windows XP Home and Professional Editions
  • Easy configuration
  • Virtual Mouse
  • PDF support including forms
  • Skype support
  • Enhanced application support for:
    • Internet Explorer (now with C-SAW)
    • Outlook Express
    • Microsoft Word
    • Microsoft Outlook (including calendar)
  • Access to more Windows features:
    • Command Prompt (console)
    • Windows Logon
  • Secure remote control of your home computer
  • More flexible text-to-speech including NeoSpeech add-on
  • Much more

You can find the details on every feature and function in our online help , but here is a summary of some of the key improvements.


For most conventional screen readers, a screen reader failure is catastrophic, and you must restart the system. System Access is more inherently stable; even if it does fail, it is designed to fail gracefully and not bring the whole system down with it.

Full Windows Support

One package does it all. Use your System Access loaded PassKey or Key to Freedom on any Windows system including Windows 98 SE, Windows Millennium Edition, Windows 2000, Windows XP Home Edition, and Windows XP Professional Edition.

Easy Configuration

With a simple hot key, a menu pops up giving you complete access to text-to-speech preferences, tutorials, and the FreedomBox browser. Now you don't need to remember a list of hot keys to customize System Access the way you want it.

Virtual Mouse

Now you can work with the mouse cursor exactly as if you were using a mouse. Activate Virtual Mouse with a simple hot key and navigate the window using your keyboard. Move by line, object, word, character, or clickable object. Virtual Mouse tells you where you are and reads pop-up tool tips. You can left or right click and double click. With a single command, arrange all clickable objects into a convenient list and navigate with your arrow keys. Virtual Mouse reads the labels on graphics. If they are unlabeled, it lets you label them and submit your labels as a Program Pack for access by others. Virtual Mouse gives you continuous feedback, speaking as you roll over objects, graphics, and text.

PDF Support

System Access makes PDF files fully accessible, using similar commands to Internet Explorer. You don't need to enter a special "forms mode" to fill out PDF forms; just tab through the fields and fill them in. System Access fully respects PDF security for protected documents.


The Internet's most popular telephone, messaging and conferencing service is fully accessible via System Access.

Microsoft Applications Are More Accessible

Internet Explorer

Everything you could do and access on FreedomBox using our innovative C-SAW labeling system is now fully accessible with Internet Explorer. Access labels others have tagged on web sites; label graphics and form fields, and submit them to C-SAW to help others. Together we make it all accessible.

Navigate tables by row and column; read contents of the current row or column; fill out forms such as invoices. Pull up all links on a page, navigate the list with arrow keys or first letters, and take your pick. Handle the strange quirks of the home page, and more.

Outlook Express

  • System Access now tells you more about your messages, such as whether each message is unread, has an attachment, or has high priority.
  • You also get confirmation when you delete a message.
  • We've added a hot key for jumping to the list of attachments in a message.
  • When reading an HTML message, more links are accessible, including same-page links.
  • When entering a recipient's name in a new message, System Access speaks any automatically completed text as you type.
  • It's now easier than ever to create a message rule, for cutting down on spam or organizing your email.

Microsoft Word

System Access 2.0 makes the power of Microsoft Word naturally accessible. Here are just a few of the things you can do:

  • Fill out and create forms. When filling out a form, System Access automatically reads field help from the status bar.
  • Create bulleted and numbered lists with complete automatic feedback.
  • Work with headers and footers, again with complete automatic feedback. Add page numbers and know where they are in the header or footer.
  • Be fully informed about your document's formatting, including font name, size, and style; alignment; line spacing; and indentation.
  • Create footnotes with ease, know exactly where your footnote references are, and even read footnote without leaving the main document.


System Access 2.0 makes it easier than ever to manage your email and personal information with Microsoft Outlook. Here are just a few of the improvements:

  • Setting up an email account has never been easier. System Access automatically tells you everything you need to know throughout the process.
  • Learn everything you need to know about your email messages as you browse through your folders, without any clutter.
  • When reading a message with attachments, use a hot key to turn the attachments into a standard list, from which you can easily choose an attached file using the arrow keys or the file name's first letter.
  • Conveniently access message headers with a hot key.
  • When writing a message, auto-complete the names and addresses of your recipients with just a few keys. System Access tells you exactly what's happening at each step.

Outlook Calendar

System Access 2.0 lets you work with the Outlook calendar quickly and easily. The new time-saving features include:

  • Immediately hear how many appointments you have today or this week.
  • As you move through the calendar with the arrows, dates and times are spoken concisely. You'll also hear your appointments as you move over them.
  • Once you're on an appointment, you can open or delete it with a single key.
  • Put your appointments and open time slots in a convenient list so you can find what you want fast.

Note that these new features in the calendar are only available in Outlook 2003 on U.S. English systems. We will add support for more locales in the near future.

Access to More Windows Features

Command Prompt (console)

On Windows 2000 and later, access to the command prompt now feels more like a DOS screen reader than ever before. You'll get automatic speech from the moment you open the command prompt. You can also use familiar DOS-like keystrokes to review the console by line, word, or character; or to read the whole console from top to bottom.

Windows Logon

System Access 2.0 gives you full access to the Windows Logon screen on Windows 2000 and later. When using the new-style logon screen on Windows XP, you can easily choose a user with the arrow keys and enter a password when needed. On multi-user machines with only one blind user, it's easy to set up the system so that only the blind user gets speech after logging on. System Access also works nicely with Fast User Switching on Windows XP.

Remote Control Your Home Computer

With System Access on your Key to Freedom, PassKey, or secondary machine, you can access your home machine remotely. Remote access can be set up quickly via FreedomBox preferences. You won't have to install any extra software or mess with your firewall.

Designed for Security

Only you can enable remote access on your home machine. The HomeServer is designed to make intrusion difficult. Communication is end-to-end encrypted using SSL, the same technology used by leading online stores and banks.


When you access your home machine remotely, it's just like sitting at the remote system. When you interrupt speech, it stops right away as you would expect. You can turn off visual support to further improve response and save bandwidth.

Compatible with Other Access Technology

You don't need to be running System Access on your home machine. The HomeServer captures audio output on the home machine even if it is running a third-party screen reader such as Window-Eyes.

More Flexibility in Text-To-Speech including NeoSpeech Add-On

System Access 2.0 gives you more control over how your computer talks. You can have separate settings for each text-to-speech engine, allowing you to switch between engines as needed without losing your preferences. System Access 2.0 supports the NeoSpeech Voice/Text speech synthesizer as an optional add-on. Your computer never sounded this good before.

Much More

IQ Option Forex-handel System Access 2.0 has no shortage of other improvements that will make your computer access easier and more productive. You can use Caps Lock, Insert, Scroll Lock, or NumPad 0 as the modifier key -- whichever is most convenient for you for any command. System Access 2.0 supports customized edit controls; it allows you to list tool bar buttons with one keystroke; it reads dialog boxes and wizards more naturally; it tells you where you are in a list; it lets you know when you open or close a drop-down list; it tells you more about radio buttons; and if it doesn't know what a control is, System Access 2.0 gives you all the information it has. No conflicts with firewalls; a hot key to refresh the screen if System Access gets confused; the list goes on.

Try it. You'll find capabilities we forgot to mention. If you want the details on how anything works, visit our online help . With System Access 2.0, it isn't rocket science. This is full access technology you can use now! What are you waiting for?


Serotek Corporation

Serotek Corporation is a leading technology company that develops software and manufactures accessibility solutions under the brand name FreedomBox. Originally launched in 2001, the FreedomBox family of products and services make the worldwide Web and important application software systems available to virtually anyone, allowing command and control with the voice, keyboard, mouse, touch screens and other access mechanisms. FreedomBox solutions level the playing field providing people with disabilities powerful, affordable solutions that require minimal training.


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