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E-mail from Phil Kitchen, November 17th, 2006

Hello.  I just wanted to send you a short note to let you know how satisfied I am with the Technical Support I have received from the FreedomBox team and Brian in particular.

I has a hard drive crash 1 week age.  Using my U3 drive, I was able to e-mail FreedomBox Technical support from another computer to let them know what had happened.  I asked what I needed to do to restore my FreedomBox account.  Brian replied to my note, saying that once I had my PC back up and running I should give a quick phone call to Technical support and my account would be reset.  Once my machine was back up and running, I made that phone call, and within hours, Brian called back to say my account had been reset.  I'm now back on-line with FreedomBox and System Access.

Oh yes, because I  enjoy Braille support, and because certain other applications such as Sony's Sound Forge require it, I still use other screen reading products, in fact I own both JAWS and Window-Eyes, but I am very satisfied with FreedomBox and System Access, especially the U3 support.  Hopefully as time goes by, you guys will add Braille support in the future.  Thanks so much for being there and for what you do.  I hope you will agreewith me that as far as Technical Support, Brian is the best!


From: Jim Fettgather

Subject: Vista Compatible U3 Drives

After having purchased a Sandisk drive, updating the Launchpad
software, and creating the key, this now is working flawlessly. I could
never get the Kingston to work at all, but the beauty of the Sandisk is
that it automatically checked for the launchpad update, and the whole
thing happened seemlessly. I must mention that in Vista, System Access
shows absolutely no signs of sluggishness, but this sluggishness seems
to be quite prevalent with other access solutions under Vista. Not so
with System Access.  Thanks for a job well done!



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