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What is a FreedomBox?

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No more high cost computer systems with complicated adaptive technology.   Now you can simply talk to the FreedomBox and it will do what you ask. The FreedomBox is a voice-controlled Internet access device. It combines the power of a top-of-the-line audio output interface with high quality voice recognition to give users the power to control a properly equipped personal computer using nothing but voice commands. The brains of FreedomBox are contained in our  FreedomBox software package that can be loaded onto any suitably configured computer. With FreedomBox software installed, the personal computer is a FreedomBox.

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What is FreedomBox Network?

FreedomBox connects to the Internet through a portal called FreedomBox Network. FreedomBox Network provides all the access functionality of an Internet Service Provider (ISP) including thousands of local dial-up numbers which means, of course, that subscribers do not have to pay toll charges to access the service. Users who have other contracted ISP services can also link directly to FreedomBox Network over the Internet. FreedomBox Network brings together the most desired Internet-based services including: e-mail, chat groups, shopping, news, a wide-variety of entertainment options, direct links to government and service organization sites, financial services and much, much more.

Internet for Everyone


What do you want to do?


Send and e-mail.


OK; who do you want to send an e-mail to?



Computer: Please say your e-mail message now.

Together, FreedomBox and the FreedomBox Network deliver Internet access for people who, in the past, have faced enormous barriers in accessing Internet-based services. We believe that access to the Internet will enrich people's lives by removing barriers to employment and education opportunities, information, entertainment, shopping and other highly desired services. In a very real sense, we offer our community "Freedom" to enjoy the Internet, packaged in a convenient "Box" that requires no special training or expertise to use. Hence the name FreedomBox. We think it fits.

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