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IMPORTANT- Please Read!

Eligibility Form

Due to the copyright status of some of the content on the FreedomBox Network, all members that want to access copyrighted information must submit a completed eligibility form, signed by a doctor or similar authority, stating that the user is unable to use printed material due to a disability. If the disability is temporary, the form must state the period of time the user will be disabled. If the disability lasts longer than the form states, a new form must be submitted. Neither Serotek nor any of its affiliates will be responsible for refunding any monies paid for equipment or services if a user's disability status changes and they are no longer able to access parts of the network because they are no longer disabled.

Users will receive a printed eligibility form with their FreedomBox hardware or software and must return the completed form within 60 days. If this form is not returned to us certain areas of the service will not be accessible to your account until we do get the form. If you registered online, downloaded the software or are using the web interface only, you can also download and print the eligibility form here. You can contact us and request a form be mailed to you too.

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