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FreedomBox Downloads

Two versions of the software are available for free trial download:

         This is a typical Windows installer, except that if you're not running a recognized screen                 reader, the installer will provide its own speech output. Simply download it and run it.

         This is a generic self-extracting binary package installer for Linux; it does not use a                           particular distribution's package format. After downloading it, set the permissions by typing:

                          chmod 755 fb-2.2.0-linux-x86-installer.bin

         Then run it by typing the following:


          You don't need to run this installer or FreedomBox as root.

FreedomBox 1.2 (for beginners, Windows only)

This version of FreedomBox is currently not available for the public to download. If you need the classic version of FreedomBox which is based on voice commands and limited keyboard output, please contact FreedomBox technical support.

Open-Source Software

Finally, you can download the source code and modifications for some open-source software packages that we use in our products, most notably Mozilla.

This is a self-installing package like the DECtalk version, but this package is about 200 MB in size, so only users of high-speed Internet connections should download it. Your computer must have at least a 400 MHz processor and 192 MB of RAM to use this version of the software. We recommend that you have 256 MB of RAM. The advantage of this version is that the AT&T NaturalVoices synthesizer sounds much more natural than DECtalk.

*Note that since we need to keep the download relatively small, the voice in this package has a lower sampling rate than the voice in the CD-ROM version.


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