FSReader for Desktop, PAC Mate, and PAC Mate Omni Update

What is FSReader?

FSReader allows users to easily read digital talking books and e-books produced in the Digital Accessible Information System (DAISY) format on a desktop or laptop computer, or a PAC Mate BX or QX accessible Pocket PC. Readers can navigate to sections of a book by browsing headings or flipping pages, can set multiple bookmarks, and can resume reading where they left off when a book is reopened. In books that contain audio narration, users can fast forward, rewind, and even adjust the speed of the narrated audio.

FSReader and RFB&D® Talking Books

Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic® (RFB&D) is a national non-profit organization that provides digital talking books, including a wide range of educational textbooks, to students and other individuals who are visually impaired or have other reading disabilities. The RFB&D; library contains more than 30,000 digital titles ranging from math and science books to literary classics, from kindergarten level through graduate school. Since material is only available to qualifying members, RFB&D AudioPlus® books are protected so they cannot play with just any DAISY player.

To access RFB&D’s AudioPlus books with FSReader, users will need a special User Authorization Key (UAK) available from RFB&D by calling 800-221-4792. PLEASE NOTE: RFB&D will only provide and support the UAK. Users must first have purchased the FSReader software directly from Freedom Scientific.

What Does It Cost?

This is a free download for users with FSReader for Desktop or FSReader for PAC Mate 1.0.

How Do I Get It?

Download the appropriate update file by selecting the Download Now link near the bottom of this page.

How Do I Install It?

To install the FSReader Desktop download, do the following:

To install the FSReader PAC Mate download, do the following:

Note: The version of FSReader for the PAC Mate Omni is version 1.2 in order to differentiate it from FSReader for versions of PAC Mate prior to PAC Mate Omni. FSReader version 1.10 will not run on PAC Mate Omni and should not be installed on PAC Mate Omni. However, there is no difference in functionality between version 1.10 and 1.2.

Desktop Update Download for FSReader, Version 1.10.79 (15.5 MB-File Date: 11/30/2007)
PAC Mate Omni Update Download for FSReader, Version 1.2.201 (1 MB-File Date 4/05/2008)
PAC Mate Update Download for FSReader, Version 1.10.155 (521 KB-File Date 3/22/2007)