PAC Mate Omni™ BX and QX 6.0 Maintenance Update

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What's new in this Update?

This maintenance update for the PAC Mate Omni BX and QX is an optional update that addresses specific usability issues that were discovered after the initial release of PAC Mate Omni. Installing this update will update your PAC Mate Omni from version 6.0.285 to 6.0.1019 and requires you to perform a clean reset which will delete all data including any additional applications you have installed. Installation of this update is not required and those who prefer may wait for the release of PAC Mate Omni version 6.1 which is expected in the second quarter of 2008. Version 6.1 will incorporate all of the changes included in this maintenance release plus other improvements and enhancements.

Changes Included in the PAC Mate Omni 6.0 Maintenance Update

Note: For best performance, databases should be installed to a storage card.

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What does it cost?

The 6.0 maintenance update is a free download for PAC Mate Omni BX and QX users. Do not download this update if you have a PAC Mate BX or QX running version 4.1 or earlier.

To verify what version is installed on your PAC Mate Omni, press INSERT+ENTER, A on the QX or DOTS 2-4 CHORD, DOT 1 on the BX. If the version is 6.0.1019, you do not need to update. Otherwise, proceed to the next section for instructions on updating your PAC Mate Omni.

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How do I get it?

Download the update file by selecting the Download link near the bottom of this page. The file name is When prompted, be sure to save this file in a location where you can easily find it; such as the Desktop.

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Step-by-step Instructions

Important: A clean reset is required in order to complete the update. This will cause any data you have added to your PAC Mate Omni, including third-party applications, to be erased. There are several steps you must follow to complete the installation of this update so that you do not lose data or impair programs installed on your PAC Mate Omni. Review each of the following steps, and be sure you allow yourself adequate time to complete them.

Before Installing the Update


WARNING: Do not use Sprite Backup because it restores the old system files over your newly-installed update.

Installing the 6.0 Maintenance Update

  1. Transfer to a CompactFlash card or directly on to the PAC Mate Omni.
    • If you choose to copy the update to a CompactFlash card and your computer does not have a card reader, place the CompactFlash card into your PAC Mate Omni and copy to My Computer/Mobile Device/My Windows Mobile-Based Device/Storage Card while connected with ActiveSync.
    • To transfer the update directly to your PAC Mate Omni, copy to My Computer/Mobile Device while connected with ActiveSync. This places the update in the My Documents folder on your PAC Mate Omni.
  2. Disconnect from your PC and remove all peripherals from the CompactFlash slots of your PAC Mate Omni. If you chose to copy the update to a CompactFlash card, insert the CompactFlash card containing the update file.

  3. Open File Explorer, locate the file, and press ENTER on the QX or DOT 8 on the BX.

  4. Note: The PAC Mate Omni will indicate that this file as an unknown file type. However, pressing ENTER will launch the update.

  5. The PAC Mate Omni will first validate the update, which takes a couple minutes. When the update validation is complete, you are prompted to begin the installation. Press F1 on the QX or F1+F2 on the BX to proceed with the update. During the update, you will hear progress clicks along with announcements of the percentage of the update completed.
  6. Once the update completes, the PAC Mate Omni will warm reset, then speak and display "6.0.285." At this point, you must perform a clean reset in order to complete the installation. To clean reset your PAC Mate Omni, use a straightened paper clip or a toothpick and press down gently on the reset button while simultaneously holding the power switch in the off position - away from the CompactFlash slots. Once you begin holding the power switch, you can release the reset button. For more information on locating the reset button, refer to your PAC Mate Omni documentation.

When you begin holding the power switch, you will hear a low-high beep. Continue holding the switch for about six seconds until you hear a second low-high beep and release the switch. The reset process may take up to 10 minutes, depending on how much data is stored in main memory. Once completed, you will hear a chime followed by the message "JAWS for Pocket PC is loading, version 6.0.1019”, followed shortly after by another chime. After the second chime, you are placed on the Today screen with the update installed and ready to use your PAC Mate Omni. At this point, the PAC Mate Omni has been reset to default settings and any user data including programs you installed are gone.

After Installing the Update

Restoring Applications

Before proceeding, make sure you have any necessary authorization codes available.

To restore your previously-installed applications:


Download the PAC Mate Omni BX and QX 6.0 Maintenance Update (9.72 MB)


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