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Frequently Asked Questions

Will you be supporting languages other than English?

Right now the system only understands English and speaks U.S. English. In the future it will be able to understand and speak French, German, Italian, Spanish, and U.K. English.

What will be the monthly charge for non-U.S. residents?

To be announced; around $21.95 per month for dial-up and $12.95 per month, or $129.00 per year just for access to the FreedomBox Network.

What date will the service be available in the U.S. and abroad?

The FreedomBox service is currently available in the U.S. and abroad!

What is your return policy for unsatisfied customers?

All customers will have a 30-day return policy for defective products only. For more info please read our return policy posted on this site or the document that is enclosed with your shipment.

What kind of warranty do you offer for parts and labor?

One year from date of purchase. Please read our warranty statement or contact customer service for details and info on how to get our extended warranty.

What services and/or enhancements are you looking to add in the future?

Our products are evolving daily. You can always expect us to be on the cutting edge of technology, and when we add new services and enhancements, your FreedomBox will be updated automatically.

Is there toll-free customer support to resolve questions and problems?

Yes, we have toll-free customer support in the U.S. now, at (866) 202-0520. We will add toll-free numbers in other countries in the future.

Do you offer insurance to guard against theft, lightning, or damage?

Not at this time.

Can two or more members of the house use the FreedomBox simultaneously?

No. Each FreedomBox session is one-on-one.  It would be like trying to have two people drive the same car at the same just doesn't work.

Are there sites that cannot be used with the FreedomBox? If so, why?

Yes. Unfortunately, there are sites that will be difficult or impossible to use with the FreedomBox. The most common reason is that Web sites sometimes present important information, such as the names of links or occasionally the text of the pages, as graphics with no alternative text. With no alternative text, the FreedomBox can't speak this information, and it is, therefore, inaccessible to a FreedomBox user. Other sites cannot be used with the FreedomBox because they depend on Web technologies that the FreedomBox does not support, such as JavaScript, Java applets, and Macromedia Flash. Even users of the best PC screen readers often can't access content presented in the last two forms, so it is unlikely that the FreedomBox will support them in the near future.

Can we create favorites and/or bookmarks?

Yes and we encourage people to do so.   Favorites and or bookmakrs are a great way to make things easier and save time.

Are there certain voices that won't be recognized, such as people with speech boxes or accents, children, etc.?

The short answer is yes; sometimes the unit will have trouble with someone's voice and we suggest that that person use the keypad.

Where can I find information on setting up a website with my FreedomBox?

For more technical information about FreedomBox, please visit our Help site.


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