Known Issues with Version 1.1

  • The system may have trouble understanding you if your microphone volume is low or if your microphone isn't in a good position. To resolve this issue, try setting the microphone volume in the Windows volume control to about 75%. If you still have trouble, move the microphone around.

  • If the system doesn't hear you, it may be because the Windows focus isn't in the FreedomBox window. If this is the case, repeatedly press Alt+Tab and press the talk key until it works.

  • After you close an application, you may need to say "Assistant" if you want to hear the menu again.

  • While reading the contents of a Web page, you currently can't say "exit" or any of the other browser commands unless you have passed all of the links on the page.

  • While saying something such as an email address, subject, or Web site address character by character or typing it, the exit command is currently unavailable. You will have to say "cancel" instead.

  • While listening to an audio stream, you currently can't say exit; you have to say "wake up" or "stop" instead.

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