Two Exciting Programs that Pack a Lot More Freedom in the FreedomBox

Minneapolis, MN.

Serotek Corporation announces two exciting new programs that pack a lot more freedom in the FreedomBox SA and FreedomBox Lifestyle. In a joint statement with the Canadian talking software leader, MarvelSoft Enterprises, Inc. of Nanaimo British Columbia, Serotek announces that FreedomBox SA and FreedomBox Lifestyle users can now purchase the Talking Toolbox and Talking Typing Teacher for off-line operation on their FreedomBox stand alone systems. Talking Toolbox provides an easy-to-use talking word processor, address book, phone pad, calculator and an alarm clock with timer functions that cuckoos, chimes, and bongs as well as tells time. Talking Typing Teacher will turn two-fingered hunt and peck typists into speedy touch typists with easy to follow typing lessons, key practice, word practice, sentence practice, and typing games. It also has a module that just lets you explore the keyboard and see what is where.

"These are important tools that make the FreedomBox even more useful to our members," said Mike Calvo, CEO of Serotek Corporation. "People with no computer training can now learn to really use the keyboard and have fun while they are doing it. The Tool Kit delivers all those handy little programs that can make a big difference in your life. We think that both of these programs will be especially great for kids, introducing them to the computer and giving them the satisfaction of being able to do stuff immediately."

"Portability will be our next big issue," Calvo added. "And we are working on it. With these great tools, and others like FreedomScan, people aren't going to want to leave their FreedomBox at home."

Talking Typing Teacher and Talking Toolbox are available only on the self-contained FreedomBox stand alone unit. Each package costs just $49.95 and comes preinstalled on FreedomBox SA units. FreedomBox SA users may also order Talking Typing Teacher and Talking Toolbox at any time directly online on the FreedomBox Network by adding the desired software product to their talking shopping cart.

Both Talking Typing Teacher and Talking Toolbox operate offline, without being connected to the FreedomBox Network.

Talking Typing Teacher and Talking Toolbox are trademarks of MarvelSoft Enterprises of Nanaimo British Columbia, Canada. FreedomBox, FreedomBox SA, FreedomBox Lifestyle, FreedomScan, and FreedomBox Network are trademarks of Serotek Corporation.

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