#EXTM3U #EXTINF:-1,http://freedombox.info/mp3/fb_talk.mp3 http://freedombox.info/mp3/fb_talk.mp3 Sitemap online viagra prices FreedomBox was the first “electronic curb cut” introduced by Serotek. Its Flexible User Interface (FUI) allows users to access the Internet, use e-mail, read newspapers, books, and enjoy described video, shop, search for jobs and much more, using their voice, a touch screen, a keyboard or key pad, a mouse, or an infrared sound touch (IST) switch. Content is accessible audibly using text to speech technology or on the screen, enlarged to meet the user's visual needs. Consistent with his “curb cut” approach, every Serotek product is designed to be intuitive, allowing users to become fully operational with very little training. This is in sharp contrast with most “adaptive technologies” which require extensive user training. People who have never before used a computer can use FreedomBox and the FreedomBox Network. There is a wonderful irony that for many elderly FreedomBox Network members, their first successful experience with computers occurred only after they lost their sight.