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Lifestyle - $229.00 (USD)


At just $229 for the first year and $129 per year after that, this is our most economical package. You get access to the FreedomBox Network, which provides a wide variety of content and services, including described movies (audio tracks only), thousands of Internet radio station, personalized news, blogging, your own web site, forums, chat rooms, and of course, email. You'll be able to run the FreedomBox Internet application suite both at home and on the go using a U3 smart drive. It's everything you need for an online lifestyle.  System Access is not part of the Lifestyle package.

System Access - $399.00 (USD)

System Access Stand-Alone:

Our award-winning computer access software is now available as a stand-alone product on up to 2 computers for just $399. System Access gives you full access to your computer, without the high cost and complexity of a conventional screen reader. In addition to the Windows operating system, you'll be able to easily use popular applications such as Microsoft Word, Outlook, Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, Adobe Reader, and Skype. You won't need hours of training to get started; you only need to learn a few basic commands. For work or pleasure, System Access gives you what you need to make the most of your computer without draining your wallet or wasting your time.

System Access Mobile - $499.00 (USD)

For just $499, you can have the full power of System Access on nearly any computer you encounter on the go, as well as up to 2 computers of your own. Because System Access Mobile is U3 smart, you can easily install it on any U3 smart drive you choose or Pass Key CD. Once System Access is installed on your mobile device, just plug or insert it into a computer running Windows 2000 or XP, and the computer will be fully accessible in seconds. You don't need to install any software on the host computer first, and you can even run System Access Mobile on computers that are tightly secured. No other adaptive technology offers this combination of functionality, mobility, and affordability; it's truly accessibility anywhere.


System Access Platinum (512MB) - $599.00 (USD)

Don't want to choose a U3 smart drive and set it up? For just $599 plus shipping, you get the power of System Access Mobile and the convenience of a fully loaded, ready-to-run Key to Freedom. Powerful, portable access has never been simpler.

Pictured is the Key to Freedom. This key-chain-sized 512 MB memory module, based on M-Systems DiskOnKey technology, plugs directly into any USB port on a Windows XP based computer and allows instant screen reading capabilities. The new Key to Freedom gives the FreedomBox user a fully personal, portable capability that can be used at any computer, anywhere*.

By using new advanced technologies embedded into the Key to Freedom, when inserted into a USB port, the Key to Freedom will automatically start System Access. Even if the computer does not have internet access the screen reading capability known as System Access will still work. The Key To Freedom will work on any Windows user accounts, including guest accounts, without installing any kind of video chain or intercept software. No longer will users have to navigate the desktop and other folders to start System Access, now you just plug it into any* USB port and you are ready to go!

Now you can walk up to any Windows XP based computer with a USB port, sound, and a modem or broadband connection and, by plugging in your Key to Freedom, you can be online and using System Access. Libraries, cafes, schools and universities, nursing homes, computers that belong to friends or family members -- use them all instantly! It doesn't end there; the Key to Freedom is a plug-and-play device, so you won't need to install any drivers.

*The Key to Freedom will operate with Windows XP, and will require speakers and an audio card.


Other Products & Services

System Access Update - call for prices

System Access updates:
For an annual fee you will receive all available updates to System Access. As long as you're connected to the Internet, System Access will automatically download and install updates for you, making it easy to stay current.


FreedomBox Network -  $129.00 (USD)

FreedomBox Network Add-on/Upgrade to System Access:
For $129 per year, you'll receive full access to the FreedomBox Network. In addition to our wide variety of content and services such as described movies (audio tracks only), thousands of Internet radio stations, personalized news, blogging, a personal web site, forums, chat rooms, and email, you'll receive services designed specifically for System Access. These include remote control of your home computer, and our innovative Remote Training and Support feature. With Remote Training and Support, users can connect to each others' computers to provide training and technical help, or to work together on a document or project. No other adaptive technology provides such a feature with this level of functionality and ease, and it's only available by adding a subscription to the FreedomBox Network to your System Access license. Of course, you'll also automatically receive all System Access updates as they become available.


NeoSpeech -  $49.99 (USD)

NeoSpeech VoiceText:
Don't want to listen to robotic speech all the time? For just $49.99, you can get one of the most natural-sounding text-to-speech products available today, NeoSpeech VoiceText. You'll get two very human-sounding voices, one male and one female. At just 64 MB per voice, they'll take virtually no space on your hard disk, and they'll even fit comfortably on a portable U3 smart drive. Clear, portable, and affordable -- what's not to like?


FreedomScan -  $159.00 (USD)

For just $159, FreedomScan makes it easy to scan, read, save, and email printed material. If you have FreedomBox or System Access loaded on a
U3 smart drive or PassKey CD, you can even take FreedomScan with you; either use it with a scanner already connected to the host computer, or plug in a USB scanner for easy, portable document access. Don't yet have a scanner? For an additional charge of $80 plus shipping, you can get a light, portable CanoScan USB scanner. FreedomScan extends the power of accessibility anywhere beyond the Internet to the print world.



FreedomBox Surfboard - $999.00 (USD)

The FreedomBox Surfboard connects to the Internet using a standard phone line or a 1Gigabit Ethernet connection. Using the included microphone, the user speaks to the base unit to instruct it to perform its functions. The product is self contained in a package about the size of a full PC keyboard, but a smaller keypad is also available. The FreedomBox Surfboard is priced at $999.00. The unit is 18.25 inches wide by 9 inches deep by 0.5 inches height (front) 2.5 inches high (back), weighs 7.4 pounds, and has 40 GB of storage space.

NOTE: The unit does NOT use batteries, a plugin is required to make this product portable. Since the Surfboard is a closed system, software can not be installed on this system.


Surfboard Enhanced - $1,499.00 (USD)
The FreedomBox Surfboard Enhanced is an all-in-one design with all the features and functionality you expect in a top of the line PC, but so, so much smaller! The unit is 18.25" inches wide by 9 inches deep by 0.5 inches height (front) 2.5 inches high (back), weighs 7.4 pounds, and has 60 GB of storage space. But remember, it does not have a battery, it plugs in the wall so it is not classed as a portable.

The FreedomBox Surfboard Enhanced runs the full range of personal productivity and general business applications, making it ideal for use in the office and at home. But best of all, it's also a FreedomBox!

The base model is priced at just $1,499.00. It comes with an Intel Pentium 4 running at 2.8 GHZ, 256 MB of main memory, full motion video accelerator with 4 MB of shared video memory, a 60 GB hard drive, 16-bit sound card (Sound Blaster and Adlib compatible) with full-duplex 3D stereo sound and built in speakers (you also receive a headset as part of the FreedomBox configuration), a 24 x CD-ROM, 10/100 base-T Ethernet port (RJ-45 - DSL ready), a 56K V.90 modem (RJ-11), and Windows XP Home Edition* and FreedomBox fully installed. And of course it has all the connections necessary for connecting a video monitor, keyboard, mouse, printers, scanners (serial port and parallel port), and USB devices (6 USB ports 2 1394 Fire Wire ports.

Available upgrades include:

Up to 3.2 GHz processor

Up to 2GB main memory

Up to 250GB hard drive

CD-RW/DVD Combo Drive




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