Upgrade to the New PAC Mate Omni

What’s happening?

Freedom Scientific is pleased to announce the availability of PAC Mate Omni™, powered by Microsoft’s Windows Mobile® 6 operating system.  Refer to What's New in PAC Mate Omni for a list of new features and product enhancements.

If you have a PAC Mate™ BX or PAC Mate QX in good working order, you can upgrade to PAC Mate Omni. This upgrade requires you to send your PAC Mate, without its braille display, carrying case, or any other accessories, to Freedom Scientific. You can continue to use your PAC Mate Portable Braille Display with JAWS® on your computer while your PAC Mate is being upgraded.

We appreciate that your PAC Mate is an essential tool, so our goal is to minimize the time that you will be without your PAC Mate. We’ve therefore implemented an online PAC Mate Omni upgrade form to allow you to reserve your place for an upgrade. If you are outside the U.S. or Canada, please contact your dealer to coordinate your upgrade.  English is shipping now.  Announcements regarding other languages will be made as they are released.

Also, if your PAC Mate is more than two years old, you may wish to take advantage of this opportunity to replace the battery while your PAC Mate is with us.

How much will it cost to upgrade to PAC Mate Omni?

How do I register my interest in upgrading?

It’s simple! Select the PAC Mate Omni upgrade link to open the form that allows you to tell us all the things we need to know.

What happens next?

Freedom Scientific will contact you soon after you place your order with an RMA (Returned Material Authorization) number and the date reserved for your PAC Mate upgrade. Please make a note of this date in your PAC Mate’s calendar, and ensure that your unit is shipped in good time to be with us by the due date. This will avoid losing your place in the queue and encountering undesirable delays.

Who pays for shipping?

You will need to pay for shipping to us. We’ll cover the cost of shipping it back to you via ground. If you would like expedited shipping at your expense, we can arrange this.

How long after I register my interest in upgrading will I receive the e-mail?

You will receive a response by the following business day.  We’re handling upgrades on a first come, first served basis. We anticipate very high demand for the upgrade, so the quicker you act, the higher up the list you’ll be.

How long will Freedom Scientific keep my PAC Mate?

We aim to upgrade and ship out all units no later than five days after the scheduled upgrade date.

What happens to the data on my PAC Mate?

When your unit is returned to you as a PAC Mate Omni, it will behave as a brand new machine out of the box. You will need to back up your data before sending it to us, and restore that data when you receive your PAC Mate Omni. You will not be able to restore from a Sprite Backup file, since backing up with Sprite also backs up operating system data. Instead, we recommend that you synchronize your Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, and Notes with your PC before shipping your PAC Mate to us. Also, you will need to copy any FSEdit documents or other documents to your PC or external storage media using ActiveSync. Restore these items using the same methods when you receive your PAC Mate Omni. Remember to back up any files you may have stored on your PAC Mate’s flash disk along with all other files you want to save.

Special Considerations

AOL Instant Messenger™ is not yet supported on the PAC Mate Omni. We will be adding support for this application within the next 1 to 2 months. If you rely on this application, you may wish to delay upgrading your unit until support is added. Also, the current version of StreetTalk™ (version 1.0) cannot be used with the PAC Mate Omni. If you rely on StreetTalk, you may wish to wait to upgrade your PAC Mate until the upcoming StreetTalk version 2.0 which is designed to work on the PAC Mate Omni.

What if I have questions that are not answered here?

No problem, give us a call at 1-800-444-4443, and we’ll be happy to help.