What People are Saying

"I downloaded the 30-day demo of Freedom Box, & I must say, it rocks!!!! The thing installed perfectly the first time, and, furthermore, I had no problem launching and running it! Now, that's a first for me. Whenever I try something new, I have no end of problems. That sure wasn't the case with this Freedombox thing. I'm definitely going to purchase it!!!!!"
--Doug L.

"The FreedomBox is not necessarily designed for the advanced computer user. It has it's place in the market among the senior citizens and/or those who for whatever reason do not want to or can not learn a complex screen reader. If your grandmother for example wanted a way to email you but she didn't want to really learn how to use a computer the FreedomBox is the perfect tool."
--Dennis B.

"This thing's impressive!"
--Kelly S.

"In my book, this product has a lot of potential, especially if one doesn't own a computer already. I think that I'll at least be watching how it develops with interest."
--Tina H.

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