FreedomBox Network Launches Online Document Scanning and Storage Solution for the Blind and Disabled

MINNEAPOLIS -- July 23, 2002 -- Serotek Corporation today announced the launch of a ground-breaking online document scanning and storage solution called FreedomScan™ on its FreedomBox Network™, a unique Internet portal that provides content and services specifically designed for the disabled community. Using technology licensed from ScanSoft, Inc. based in Peabody, MA., the FreedomScan service enables people who are blind and disabled to scan, store, and email documents over the Internet using voice commands alone.

FreedomBox Network is the online service behind Serotek's FreedomBox™ technology, a new and unique combination of Internet accessibility software and optional hardware that unlocks the Internet for the blind and others who have difficulty using standard point-and-click technology.

"Our new FreedomScan service literally allows our users to scan printed documents just by speaking," says Mike Calvo, Serotek's chief executive officer. "The launch of FreedomScan is an important step in our efforts to bring affordable, accessible products and services to the blind and disabled that have previously required hours of training or thousands of dollars in systems and software. We have created an environment where accessibility is easy and affordable and customer service and consumer respect are guaranteed."

For a $120 one-time fee, FreedomBox Network registers a FreedomBox Network subscriber as an authorized FreedomScan user. Registered FreedomScan users can access the document scanning service from any scanning-enabled computer (with a TWAIN-compliant scanner) that has the FreedomBox client installed. Serotek sells a complete scanning service and "scanner-enabling package" including a CanoScan® N670U scanner for just $199. FreedomScan service includes scanning, with immediate text to speech translation; on-line storage in the user's private account; and the ability to e-mail scanned pages anywhere.

Registered users not only have full and complete access on their home-base system; they can take their FreedomScan access on the road. Any "enabled" system with TWAIN-compliant scanning and FreedomBox software installed is a "scanning client." That means users can access the service from enabled public computers in libraries, schools, hotels, and airports or at enabled computers in the homes of friends and at forward-thinking businesses who believe accessibility is a right, not an option. We invite public officials and concerned businesses to contact us for information on how they can offer this valuable service to their blind and disabled clientele.

About FreedomBox and the FreedomBox Network

FreedomBox systems combine special browsing software, high-quality speech-recognition and audio technology that allows users to access email and navigate the Internet using simple, intuitive voice commands. An integral part of the FreedomBox offering is the FreedomBox Network online community, which is custom-designed for audio-friendly content. FreedomBox also provides powerful browsing technology that allows users to leave the FreedomBox Network and surf the World Wide Web.

FreedomBox Network's growing variety of services include: E-mail -- with recording, text-creation and address-book creation capabilities; news and information services; online shopping -- custom designed for accessibility; employment search resources; entertainment, including radio, games, and audio books; research with access to disabled-friendly sites given top priority; online chat services; FreedomForums™ our voice and text bulletin boards where users can say their piece; access to DVS described video services; and Internet-hosting with special site hosting rates for businesses run by the disabled for the disabled.

Coming soon: online banking and financial services including bill payment; online auction sites; talking typing software; talking word processor, appointment book, and clock.

Serotek offers three FreedomBox product packages including: FreedomBoxPC™ software, the FreedomBoxSA Internet accessibility appliance, and the FreedomBox Lifestyle -- a fully configured, FreedomBox enabled personal computer. Specific information on product features, pricing for FreedomBox products and the FreedomBox Network, an online demonstration, and ordering information are available at or by calling Serotek toll-free at 1-877-661-3785. Information packets in Braille and demonstration tapes are also available through the toll-free number.

Additional information

Serotek invites interested parties to visit its Web site at for more detailed descriptions of our products and services. This invitation is extended to companies who are interested in providing their products and services to the FreedomBox Network community through the network's voice enabled Shopping Mall and to investors interested in participating in this barrier-free Internet opportunity.

About Serotek Corporation

Headquartered in Minneapolis, Serotek Corporation designs and develops Internet access technologies and services that unlock the power and potential of the Internet for the millions of blind, elderly, and disabled people that currently do not have access to the World Wide Web. We call our market the disenfranchised and our mission is to enfranchise the disenfranchised with accessible technologies and services.

About ScanSoft, Inc.

ScanSoft is the leading supplier of imaging, speech and language solutions that are used to automate a wide range of manual processes -- saving time, increasing worker productivity and improving customer service. For more information on the company and its products please visit

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