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Introducing the True Freedom Initiative

The True Freedom Initiative is our promise to you that, using the latest in technology, we are going to give our users the True Freedom to access our network from wherever they are no matter what kind of device they are using for internet access.

Services and Pricing

1.   Our most economical package is the FreedomBox Lifestyle. Priced at just $229 for the first year and $129 for each year after that, plus tax where applicable, you get the FreedomBox software, full access to the FreedomBox Network, and the ability to run FreedomBox software from a portable U3 smart drive.

2.  If you purchase System Access Stand-Alone for $399, System Access Mobile for $499, or System Access Platinum for $599, you can have unlimited access to the FreedomBox Network for only $12.95 per month or $129.00 per year plus tax where applicable. 

The FreedomBox web interface is also available for unlimited use to all customers who purchase one of the services listed above. It is great to use not only on older, slower computers or computers with installed access technology, but also on PDA's, note-takers with internet access, and even cell phones. If you have access to a web browser that supports cookies, now you can use our web interface to access many of our online features without running the FreedomBox software or having a Key to Freedom. Note that you need to log in to the FreedomBox Network once using the FreedomBox software before you can use the web interface.

We do not provide dial-up services at this time; you will need to use a local service provider for internet access. If you have local dial up service or broadband in your area, pricing will vary and will be billed separately from your FreedomBox service by the provider. FreedomBox services do not stop billing if you discontinue internet service with another provider. You must provide FreedomBox at least 30 days notice to disconnect your service.

A registration fee of $25 will be applied to your first charge for all new accounts. FreedomBox does not refund any unused service time nor registration fees. We also do not refund shipping and handling charges. All returns of FreedomBox hardware are subject to a 15% restocking fee.

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