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Sitemap You do not need to learn anything beyond the rules of the applications you use. System Access gives you the same direct access to Microsoft Windows and related applications that is available to a sighted person. System Access costs nothing to people who have a FreedomBox Network account ($99 per year). That’s it. No hidden charges. No special hardware. No Maintenance fees. No upgrade penalties. No training.

You heard it right again. System Access is self-explanatory in the same way Windows utilities are self-explanatory. You need learn no special rules or codes; you don’t need to write scripts; you just use the computer the same way a sighted person uses it (Compare that to over a $1000 for software and maintenance for JAWS for Windows; plus a minimum of 20 hours of basic training.). If you have a FreedomBox Network account, we download System Access to your home system automatically. You chose whether or not to activate it. But there is no charge. As we continue to extend System Access’s reach, adding to SA applications, you’ll get those updates free of charge as well.

We do charge you if you wish to have System Access or Version 2.0 on portable media. Using the PassKey you can take your System Access capability anywhere; put the PassKey in the CDROM drive of any available Windows XP system; and that computer is instantly System Access -- able. Remove the PassKey and it immediately reverts to its same, dull prior state.
Think about it – work, home, hotels, cyber cafes, friends – you can have access anywhere.

Interested? Try it free. Sign up for a thirty day trial account and get System Access immediately. If you like it, activate the account with one easy $99 payment per year or $9.95 per month and system access is yours. If you want to take it on the road and never be without access again, purchase a Passkey with System Access.

Want to learn more? Check out System Access at www.freedombox.info or call us at 1-866-202-0520. Unhook those chains that tie you to a screen reader and see if you don’t enjoy the freedom System Access provides.

We need your help to spread the word so tell your friends and if they sign up get your account for free! Call for more details!

System Access will be automatically downloaded to your system within the next 24 hours. Visit the help section for a complete list of features for the final release! Those of you that purchased a Passkey will have it within the next week or two.

Accessibility is your right! Why not exercise your freedom with System Access in 2005.

Happy New Year,

Mike Calvo
Serotek Corporation